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When Does School Start? The Chicago Public School System (CPS) has just sent out a final schedule for the 2012 -2013 school year and finally answering the question when does school start in Chicago?

When Does School Start in Chicago for Track E?

Track E also known as Early-Start will begin Monday August 13, 2012

When Does School Start in Chicago for Regular Track?

Regular Track (Track R) will begin as school normally starts in Chicago, which is the Tuesday after Labor Day. In 2012, regular track school starts in Chicago on Tuesday September 04, 2012.

When Does School Start in Chicago for My Child?

Maybe you’ve moved to a different area and are at a different school. Maybe you made it into one of the magnet, regionally gifted, classical, or academic centers that you’re unsure which Track your child might be in. To ensure that families are aware of when school starts in Chicago this school year, CPS will have a phone drive and they have also setup an information website as well as a phone line:

www.cps.edu/firstday or call or call the First Day hotline at 773-553-3CPS (3277)

First Day

As has been the case for the past few years the administration is once again focusing heavily on ensuring kids attend school on the first day. They are also focusing on ensuring that not only are kids attending but that they are also prepared.

What Time Does School Start in Chicago?

This is a more difficult question to answer, however, the city has posted a PDF of the times. You can also use the Find a School section on the firstday site to attempt to search for times. Don’t forget that Chicago will now no longer have the shortest school day in the nation now that it has been extended. They are also looking for volunteers to “man the phones” for the phone bank.

Hopefully this brief information has been helpful enough for the many CPS parents who have been following the many issues that were present in the prior months and has answered your question about when school starts in Chicago.